Amber Wickers

  • Amber is the Reports Coordinator at Sprout Pediatrics. She handles ensuring that client reports are kept up-to-date, as well as facilitating the flow of reports between parents, EIs, and doctor offices. She also assists the social media and marketing team by helping promote events, as well as using technology to create visuals and resources for Sprout.

    Amber graduated from Central Washington University in 2008, where she received her BA in Elementary Education and a Science Minor. She spent a total of five years in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom in Lexington School District 4. Amber has a passion for education and enjoyed planning and implementing instruction within the classroom, as well as having the opportunity to work with families in order to help their child grow and succeed. Amber states, “I enjoyed the purpose you feel when a student who has previously struggled with a concept/area, begins to understand, and even excel! Though it is a multifaceted effort, you know that you played a key piece in making a difference in a child’s life.” Amber continues to keep her teacher certification up-to-date and recently completed a graduate course titled, Differentiating Learning Styles within the Classroom.

    Though she loved her time in the classroom, Amber recently made the decision to stay home with her daughter and work part-time for Sprout. She states, “I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home, while also working in an avenue where the primary goal is to impact the lives of children. It is refreshing to know that your job is, in some way, making a difference in the life of the family and child. I also have enjoyed getting to know the therapist with Sprout and hearing their passion for their job.”

    Amber has been married to her husband, Steven, for 10 years. They have a 3 year old daughter named Savannah. They enjoy any way they can spend time as a family, specifically outdoors: whether it be the beach or zoo trips. Amber is also very involved in their church, where she helps with AWANA and teaching the 4th grade Sunday School class.

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