Annalise Worsdall, OT

  • After high school Annalise attended the University of Toledo and received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 in Recreational Therapy. She later attained her doctorate of Occupational Therapy in 2015.

    Annalise has specialties in the area of aquatic therapy and hippotherapy. Annalise is certified in the first level of hippotherapy training, which utilizes horses as a dynamic base of support to help children with balance, sensory regulation, and motor development. She has also completed continuing education courses in feeding, kinesiotaping, neuroplasticity, evidenced-based treatment of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders, and visual rehabilitation. Annalise’s article “The Effect of Positional Support on Tolerance of Wakeful Prone in Infants” was published in Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics (2016)

    Annalise shares that she “loves kids and how she’s allowed to use creative techniques in her work. Children have endless energy and enthusiasm, and their spontaneity forces her to think on her feet. She likes helping them meet their developmental milestones and build the foundation for continued development at home.” She continues sharing, “Sprout Pediatrics is an open and welcoming workplace, with a family environment. My coworkers are supportive and caring both with each other and our patients. I am enabled and encouraged to treat children in different ways, providing individualized care based on their needs.”

    Annalise enjoys scuba diving, working out, hiking, training her dogs (Foster and Skylar), any water-related activity, and scrapbooking!

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