Kaye Seawright

  • Kaye is a Physical Therapy Assistant with Sprout Pediatrics, LLC. Kaye sees patients in the West Columbia and Lexington areas as well as in our clinic. Before coming to Sprout, Kaye worked as a Cosmetologist for 14 years at Famous Hair in Lexington. She has always had a strong desire to help others and finally decided to go back to school to pursue her degree in Physical Therapy. While enrolled at Midlands Technical College, she worked with us during her pediatric rotation. In 2017, she received her Associates degree in Applied Science Physical Therapy Assistant degree.

    Kaye shares, “She choose to work in the pediatric field because she feels as if it makes the most difference as she believes children are our future.” She also shares that helping them reach their full potential and overcoming obstacles is the most rewarding job! Kaye says, “while completing her clinical rotations with Sprout in the fall of 2016, she enjoyed the atmosphere and fell in love with the clients she was treating.” When approached about interviewing she jumped at the chance to work at Sprout and recalls how nervous she was about waiting to take her licensing test as she had already been awarded the job! She received her scores and degree and was instantly working and serving a caseload!

    Kaye and her daughter Destiny reside in Lexington. They love to travel and spend time with family and friends.

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