Liz Pierce

  • Liz attended Presbyterian College for her bachelor’s degree in Special Education in 2005. She then attended the University of South Carolina where she received her Master of Communication Disorders degree in 2007. Liz currently has a close relationship with this graduate program at USC and frequently takes students who are interested in learning more about the early intervention population. She also serves as a CFY supervisor when needed and loves mentoring these therapists through their first year.
    Liz considers early language development, feeding, Childhood Apraxia of Speech as well as Augmentative Communication as areas of specialties.  Liz has attended several feeding courses including those led by Fraker and Walters. She also holds a SOS Feeding Certification. She has also attended multiple Kauffman Apraxia courses.

    Her first job was with the Medically Fragile Children’s Program at Palmetto Health Richland. This was her early passion and she loved working with a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, pediatricians and even dietitians to make decisions for each child. This program turned into The Special Care Center on the campus on Palmetto Health Richland. She continued to work with a wide variety of professionals and was one of the speech therapists who first began working with the NICU follow up clinic. Three years later, she heard about The Therapy Place in Forest Acres and was the first speech therapist when The Therapy Place opened on day one. It quickly grew and Liz continued working with multiple therapists in a variety of disciplines as well as a family care coordinator and the BRIDGES preschool program for children with individual needs. She served as co-teacher and SLP of the children in this program. It was hard to leave after 7 years in such as special place.

    After getting married and having two children Liz was drawn to the flexibility and closeness of working with families in the early intervention population. She quickly learned that this was her passion for her current stage in life. She loves going into homes, daycare settings and again being part of a “team” for that child. Liz also enjoys helping parents navigate other settings for their child whether is a daycare, special needs preschool or head start program. Liz has been with SPROUT now for over four years.

    In her spare time she loves spending time at the lake with her husband Rick and two children: Marshall and Mae. Marshall is usually playing baseball or football and Mae is usually doing gymnastics around the house. This past year, Liz has also recently gotten involved in some speech services at her daughter’s school (Heathwood Hall) and enjoys getting a taste of the early intervention population and school population all in one week.

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