Nicole Sovde

  • Nicole attended the University of South Carolina and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2015 before then enrolling in the Master of Speech Pathology program. She graduated in 2018 and began working with Sprout Pediatrics in 2020.

    Nicole particularly enjoys the areas of early language development, phonological disorders, autism, feeding and augmentative and alternative communication. She has attended courses such Meaningful Speech, A.E.I.O.U Systematic Feeding Approach, Evaluating and Enhancing Children’s Phonological Skills: A Systematic Approach, A Parent-Mediated, Play-Based Treatment Program for Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Talk with your Hands: Using Sign Language with Preverbal and Nonverbal Children. 

    Nicole shares that, “serving as a pediatric therapist gives me a sense of purpose. Being involved in a process of cultivation that allows for a child to reach their fullest potential is what pushes me as a therapist. Seeing families involved in treatment and gaining new knowledge to better their child is what I strive for.” She also shares, “I am very grateful to be a part of the Sprout Pediatrics therapy team because I know my families are being served well in every aspect. Having the opportunity to work closely alongside a child’s occupational and physical therapist is priceless. Holistic therapy is something I greatly value, and it is certainly a priority for Sprout.”

    In her spare time, Nicole enjoys fitness (yoga, kickboxing, weightlifting, hiking), traveling and new experiences. She has two rescue dogs (Luna & Stella).

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