Sally Deason, PTA

  • Sally attended Clemson University and received a BA in Elementary Education in 2006. She worked as a fourth and fifth grade educator for 9 years before deciding to switch careers. In 2017 she graduated from Midlands Technical College as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

    Sally says, “I love working with children and enjoy motivating them by making therapy a game! Each child is different, so it often takes creativity to discover what it takes to help them meet their individual goals. Physical therapy with children is also rewarding because their progress is appreciated by the patients and their families.”

    When asked about what she likes about working for Sprout Pediatrics, Sally shares, “Sprout has been an amazing and welcoming place to work. Everyone cares about the children’s wellbeing and the whole team works to ensure each child meets their goals.”

    Sally is married to Joel, and they have 2 children, J. Morris, 6 and Eleanor, 1. They love getting out and hiking in a state park or just a nature trail. She also loves spending time with family and traveling. If ever there is a quiet moment, I do love reading and listening to podcasts.

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