Tricia Westbury

  • Tricia is the Director of Administration at Sprout Pediatrics. She keeps our office running smoothly, to ensure Sprout is the best company to work for. She works with our new therapist credentialing and maintaining our staff records. Tricia trains new office staff, oversees the intake of new patients, and handles all of the insurance authorizations, and processing claims.  Her past years of administrative experience, which include surgery scheduling, marketing, and management of her own small business, are key components that keep our office running smoothly and efficiently.

    Tricia states, “I love working for Sprout Pediatrics because of the gift of hope they give to families.” She believes that Sprout has that true “team experience,” and is the perfect example of your employment also being your ministry. This company truly desires each employee to love what they do. Sprout equips us with the support, so giving excellence is not a job, it is a joy.

    Tricia and her husband, James, have been married over 36 years. They have two children, and have 4 grandchildren. Tricia cherishes time with her family, as well as her friends. In her spare time, she enjoys working on home projects, Kayaking, and taking trips to the beach.

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