Meet Ray: Our Lead Pediatric Physical Therapist

January 20, 2015
Rhyno Coetsee, CEO   Lead Physical Therapist

Rhyno Coetsee, CEO
Lead Physical Therapist

Rhyno (Ray) is the founder of Sprout Pediatrics and Chief Executive officer as well as our lead Physical Therapist.  Rhyno attended the College of Charleston and later transferred to the Medial University of South Carolina and graduated with his BSPT degree in 1996.  Most recently, Rhyno completed an aquatics therapy course and an adaptive equipment review with Rifton Equipment Company. He enjoys growing professionally as a part of a PT/OT think tank that discusses current topics in therapy on a monthly basis and collaborating with other clinicians on difficult cases.

Rhyno has vast experience in the home setting for many populations. In recent years has worked on developing aquatic systems for the early intervention population and creating adaptive wellness programs for children through our Sproutfit awareness campaign. Though a working relationship with the YMCA he was named 2013 Volunteer of the year and is currently initiating transition and inclusion  programs for children with special needs into their youth team sports and lesson programs. This program continues to be in a pilot phase as we start support groups, club meetings, adaptive wellness opportunities and respite services for families of children with special needs in a cost neutral way.

Rhyno shares, “I love seeing children and their parents take joy in small successes as they work towards functions that typically developing children achieve automatically. I enjoy the challenges and uniqueness of each family and home environment allowing me to be creative with their environment and using the resources in their community to make therapy natural. Kids make me feel like a hero with their excitement as they greet me at the door.”

“As the founder of Sprout Pediatrics I have always shrived to lead our organization to help each child and family experience the hope of a full life. During the early stages of this quest we developed a culture of innovation among our employees through technology and equipment and generated new opportunities for wellness and aquatics to become a diverse and impactful organization.”

Rhyno is married to his beautiful wife Melanie for 15 years. She is Sprout Pediatrics lead Speech Language Pathologist.  They have 3 boys ages 4, 8 and 10.  Rhyno enjoy sports, reading and spending quality time with his family.

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