Interactive Listening System (iLs) : ADD, ADHD & Autism

February 15, 2016

If you are a parent, grandparent or teacher for a child with ADD, ADHD or a child who has ASD, you know how utterly frustrating just getting them to get their dirty clothes to the laundry room in a timely manner; much less complete 3rd grade spelling homework! While there is no magic bullet for the myriad of focus, attention and processing issues these children often struggle with, we are learning and growing and discovering innovative strategies to assist in improving their chances of functioning at a higher degree!

We at Sprout are thrilled to introduce one such innovative strategy that research proves is improving sleep, attention, focus, memory and sensory processing issues.  We began researching and learning about Interactive Listening Systems in 2015 and after hours of discussion, online study and two extensive courses by three of staff members, we decided to invest in not one, but two Total Focus Systems, 2 Dreampads as well as the Interactive Language Program.

We have been using the systems with three pilot clients and are pleased with their results.  One of our clients is a 3 year old boy named Palmer.  Palmer has just finished his 32nd hour of iLs and is more focused, is using more language (4-5 word sentences) and is working to be more controlled when upset.  Palmer has also seen more motor coordination, as a result of the playbook activities presented during his listening sessions! We are thrilled with his results and his parents are noting more appropriate play and interaction with his younger 2 year old brother.  They also share he is being moved to a lower support class at school, but he does still struggle with some transitions. His parents, along with the staff at Sprout Pediatrics, are committed to staying true to the process to help him continue to learn and excel academically.

You may want to contact us if you have a student who struggles with the following:

  • Attention and ability to stay on task
  • Focus and follow through
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Memory
  • Reading, comprehension and writing
  • Handwriting
  • Social Interaction

We are currently customizing treatment programs for all ages of children who traditionally don’t qualify for Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy, but who are struggling to keep up with their peers in the classroom. For more information on iLs click here! Also, you can call our Educational and Marketing Director to set up a Free Consultation appointment to see if your child could benefit this type of neuroplasticity training. Her direct line is 803.413.2745.


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