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December 16, 2013

Ok, You post there, I’ll put it on Facebook!

Here’s Gavin and his little sister visiting with Santa.  Not sure if they were pulling up their Christmas lists or playing a game, but let’s face it, we live in a digital age and our children are using technology, games and the internet earlier and earlier.  While Sprout Pediatrics believes play is a child’s work, and interacting with adults is critical to learning language, social skills and a million other things, technology is here to stay!  Magazine’s and newsletters are falling by the wayside and we get our news and information from the television and the web.

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That’s why at Sprout, we try really hard to meet you where you already are and educate, brag and share solid research  to help you help your children be the best they can.  Here’s our avatar, so connect with us!  Pinterest is a great website or app you can download on your desktop, phone or ipad and find all kinds of great ideas others have shared.  Our Pinterest account shares everything from parenting to feeding to motor skill activities!

Chances are you have already found us on Facebook, but you might not know we are also bragging on your little ones on Twitter and Instagram too! Check out the photo feed to the right for a peek at what we’ve posted recently.   One more thing! Share our posts with your friends who have young children too.  Help them learn and grow also.

Have a great week and go connect with us!

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