Meet Palmer: Light it Up Blue! #LIUB

March 31, 2016

This is my most precious friend Palmer!

His parents love him to pieces and spend countless hours in therapies, doctor’s appointments and learning what foods are best for his little system.  Palmer’s brother, Bennett, is tough and smart and looks up to Palmer like all little brothers do. Palmer has two sets of Grandparents who also are super involved in loving him and supporting his parents.  They are learning and growing too, but most of all they love PALMER!

Palmer is almost 4 and is really smart. Palmer is good at lots of things like talking, balancing and sporting-type skills!  He is working on learning to do other things like following complicated directions, having self-control when he gets upset and letting go of his paci! It’s really hard because it calms him down and is just the special thing to look forward to after working hard at school and in therapy.  You see, Palmer is more like other almost 4 year old boys than not.  We all have things we are good at and things we are working on!

Palmer has Autism Spectrum Disorder. #ASD

You might know this but April is #NationalAutismAwareness month with

April 2nd being “Light it up Blue Day!”

It’s World Autism Awareness Day.  On this day if you have, know, work with or love someone with Autism, WEAR BLUE! 💙
We want to support and offer hope to all families who work tirelessly to help their children be the best little kid they can be!


Here are some local events and groups you might want to check out as you support families with children who have ASD:

Light Up Five Points Fountain

Autism Academy of South Carolina

I Can for Isaac


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