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September 16, 2013

swing set picAs we look over the body of work of our organization what we are most excited about is our growth in the tools offered to our clients to reach their full potential. We have ventured into designing specialized wellness programs for a few individuals and have seen a tremendous impact on confidence, socialization, energy levels and hope. As we look towards what’s next, let me share a quote with you from Disability and Development

“Most individuals with developmental disabilities get very little physical activity and carry high amounts of body fat.  These traits do not develop from their condition, but rather from their lifestyle.

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This statement tells us that many of the negative impacts of inactivity seen in this population such as heart disease, obesity, early aging and low functional levels are preventable or manageable. As a group that treats very young children we realize that they all grow up and we are looking towards a future when our little patients will become young adults.

What is wellness as it applies to individuals with Developmental Delay or disability?

The concept of wellness has many applications in our society but for the sake of our discussion it is defined as physical activity that results in a level of fitness that impacts immediate quality of life, long term health and has recreational benefits.

What are the obstacles to wellness for the individual with developmental delay or disability?

It is estimated that only 10% of individuals with a Developmental Delay engage in exercise on a weekly basis. Obstacles are many and not limited to the following: low expectations, access to programs that individualize plans, a market place that is built around billable services of which wellness is not one and a missed opportunity to engage in youth sports when habits are formed and skills are developed because global delays do not allow for it.

What impact does a lack of wellness have on the individual with Developmental Delay?

It seems that a little exercise does more good for a person with a disability than for the general population. In addition physical inactivity leads to a lack of independence and safety in activities of daily living in the life of a person with Developmental Delay or disability. This leads to a decreased sense of quality of life and diminishes opportunities to engage in new experiences. Additionally, physical activity is almost always performed in groups leading to social opportunities as well as opportunities to learn new things.

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Where do we go from here?

Because wellness habits are built early, we must start early for our patients. As a result we are pleased to announce our #sproutfit campaign that will raise awareness, expectation and share success stories through our social media outlets. Our growing relationship with organizations such as the YMCA will allow us to build individualized plans to fit every need as we move towards meeting everyone’s potential.

Will you join us in educating, encouraging and exercising? Let’s do this!

Share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and tweet us about what you are doing to stay well!

Be #sproutfit

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