How to Lock your Toddler's Ipad using Guided Access!

October 05, 2014
Matthew Keisler weight bearing in his stander while enjoying his ipad!

Matthew Keisler weight bearing in his stander while enjoying his ipad!

Let’s face it! While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no child under two should be using any devices or viewing screens of any kind, they are! As parents we use phones, iPads and televisions to occupy these little ones daily. Children as young as two can navigate an iPhone to pull up a parents photos and scan through them like a pro! However as quickly as they learn to navigate our devices, they learn to touch the home button and exit out of apps. If this is a problem for you, follow these easy steps below to use guided access on your I devices.




IMG_0805Once you set your 4 digit passcode, log out of settings and pull up any app to try the feature. After the app is on, triple click the home button and you’ll see this screen appear!


Once you enter the 4 digit code, the app is locked! Try and press the home screen to log out and it won’t close the app. To unlock the Guided Access, simple triple click the home button again and re-enter the 4 digit code. You are now in regular mode again! Enjoy using this to help your child stay on task and begin stretching their attention spans for longer periods of work. If your child has Sensory Processing Disorder, you should limit their iphone/ipad/screen time use significantly (1 hour or less a day)and do not allow them to become over stimulated by using apps.

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