• Teenage Boy with Autism Discovers the YMCA 5K is Fun!

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    Last year Sprout Pediatrics started something new…well we started three something news! Pardon the grammar, but we are thrilled to share what last years Pumpkin Run birthed! First of all it was our first time partnering with the Northwest Family YMCA to sponsor a race. It was fun to encourage folks to be part of our team and be active. Our desire is to see everyone being active and ultimately healthy! Second, it was the launch of being #Sproutfit. Our hash tag was introduced and we intended to use it to highlight Adaptive fitness in and around the Midlands. While we did that, something bigger is happening! We realized that being #Sproutfit is about being healthy physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Our organization wants encourage all aspects of healthy living so #Sproutfit is much broader than we originally intended!

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